Organization & Productivity Framework

Hi! My name is Crates (short for Socrates).

I'm an app architect and productivity junkie who, a couple of years back, started putting together the ideas that eventually turned into VieDay. By November of 2019 I had enough resources together to start living the VieDay framework of habits myself.

I've been following this system every day since November 1st, 2019... and it works.

In my entire life, I have never before had such success at planning out my daily routines, goals and tasks with ease and simplicity. I'm now enjoying more organization, productivity and peace of mind.

NOTE: I didn't invent most of these ideas! I read a lot of books from people smarter than myself, written all the way back from thousands of years ago until today. I collected common threads and teachings, looking for similarities. Whenever I found resounding advice from many successful sources, I added it to VieDay's framework.

Let's take a moment to explain how VieDay works.

By the end of this short article, you'll have a good understanding of our process.

I'll explain for you what you're going to do each day to get great results in life!

Me, personally? I've been pretty lazy in the past, and I've always LOVED to procrastinate.
It used to just happen automatically for me.
Put it off!

That's why I needed a system that's SO DEAD SIMPLE to use, I knew I could follow it every day consistently!
I had tried other systems before, without having much luck.
This is why I designed VieDay to be
incredibly simple to learn and use.

I've worked tremendously hard to make learning VieDay's daily habits very straightforward.
It's all designed to be simple and FAST to use each day.
All you need to do are a couple of quick
thought exercises and some short journaling.
This is how you'll start and end each day.

Let's do a quick, short thought exercise right now.

Go ahead and let yourself imagine something, just for a moment.
Just pretend: doctors and scientists invented a new, marvelous medication.
This new wonder-drug has somehow cured
many major ailments.
No matter who you are...
Or, what mental, emotional or behavioral issues you have...
this miracle cure helps fix those problems!
This new treatment works like magic.
For almost any issue, it helps you, by taking just three small pills.

Imagine that, just by taking one small pill, three times a day, you'll feel happier.
This helps you stay energized and motivated, all day long.
You feel rewarded and accomplished at the end of each day.

This is what using VieDay is like: taking three small pills each day.
The result: you'll become
healthier, happier and more productive.
You will feel better, do more cool things, and suffer less.

Imagine feeling REALLY amazing, almost all of the time you're awake!
Imagine having better relationships with your friends and family.
Imagine getting more value out of each and every day!

Imagine yourself achieving your life goals at a pace you never thought possible before.
Even if you think this all sounds BANANAS,
put aside that doubt for a moment.
Everything VieDay teaches is built on real, proven science.

Rewrite your Morning Routine

With guidance, you'll start taking daily medicine for mind, body and soul.
Each small "pill" you're taking is a short, ten-minute daily exercise.

The first pill you take as soon as you wake up, first thing in the morning.
Do this each morning upon waking up, while you're still feeling groggy.
This is when your brain is still in a
highly-suggestible, hypnotic theta state.

You're going to take advantage of those first moments in your day.
This is when you will recite daily affirmations of your own choosing.
While your mind is suggestible, these rewrite your mind's narrative how you wish!

Daily affirmations can reprogram your way of thinking.
Soon, you will hold onto the beliefs and values you WANT to have.
Values of your highest self, instead of ones you've accumulated that no longer serve you.

The Amazing Power of Daily Affirmations

It's so easy sometimes for any of us to get on the wrong train of thought.
When we recycle negative thoughts over and over, it becomes the basis of our internal monologue.

Your morning affirmations retrain your brain.
Soon you will TRULY believe you are capable, beautiful and confident.
You will be diligent, motivated and happy about how things are going in life.

Ever had issues with being too hard on yourself?

How about talking negatively to yourself in your head?

Have you ever talked yourself out of doing productive things?

Spend too much time on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Netflix?

If so... VieDay is for YOU!

Quick, Easy Journaling Exercises to Plan Your Day

The last part of your morning exercise is very fast journaling.
These are short answers to ten questions.
You write about
one sentence for each.
It's all
supremely easy to do!

Personally, I always struggled with journaling consistently in the past.
I never know what to write, and I've had trouble before with sticking to this habit.
The questions I put together make this SO much easier to accomplish!
You'll feel GREAT planning out your day ahead of time, ready for anything coming.

The Second "Pill": Meditation to Calm your Mind

Like the first "pill", the second small "pill" you take is another short, 10-minute commitment.
You can do this any time you like: it's a short period of guided meditation.

You might be thinking: "I've never been able to get meditation to work before!"
Or, you're thinking about how you've always wanted to try it, but
never knew how to start.

VieDay's goal is to make everything SUPER easy for you.
I have an excellent and very easy course by Sam Harris I'm prescribing.
This super simple course makes learning meditation
crazy easy.

I've now gone through Sam's course twice now myself.
Every day only requires about 10 minutes of commitment.

Listen to the audio and follow his instructions, and you're good!

Meditation helps to train your mind.

You learn to get better at quieting your internal monologue.
It shuts off the brain's constant chatter and automatic negative thoughts we all have.

Meditation allows you to maintain greater focus each day.
You'll learn how to exercise more discipline.
You'll be able to
stop thoughts that cause you to feel crappy, lash out and self-sabotage.

Discipline works like a muscle: it gets stronger the more you use it!

It's a lot like working out at the gym, or doing brain teasers each morning to stay sharp.
When you meditate each day, your "zen" muscle flexes and you build up a
capacity for inner peace.

The 3rd "Pill": Daily After-Action Analysis

The third "pill" is like the first one: a short journaling session at the end of your day.
You'll answer another ten questions with one or two sentence responses.
These help you assess how you did that day, and how you can keep improving.
You'll take a little time each night to also prepare yourself for tomorrow.
Then, you review your
daily affirmations once more before going to sleep.

Now you've heard about the majority of the VieDay framework.
You now know most of VieDay's concepts.
It's literally that simple!

Keystone Habit: Log your Daily Activities

There's one more keystone habit I'll share that is like rocket fuel for productivity!
Throughout your day, you're going to engage in a super-simple exercise in mindfulness.
What we're teaching you to do is to account for the sum of your life's efforts each day.

All you're doing is writing down, in fifteen-minute increments, how you spend your time.
VieDay totals these logs up into a couple of categories you select from when logging time.

If you were short on cash, you would keep an eye on your bank account, right?
If you want to lose weight, you watch your calories. This works just like that, but with time.

Before you can have more time to do more things, you have to account for how you use it.
All VieDay will ask you to do is
measure how you actually use and spend your time.

Nobody ever has to see anything you journal, or your time logs, except you.
These are exclusively for YOUR benefit. You need to be 100% HONEST with yourself.

Nobody will ever judge you on the results.
Even when
you review this information, I'm asking you not to be judgmental to yourself.
Be kind to yourself. Just observe your actions.

In doing this, we become more mindful of what's going on in our lives.
Accept this, without any negative bias.
Just by observing it, your habits WILL improve.

VieDay is the World's Easiest Productivity Framework, Period.

We won't tell you HOW to spend your time. You aren't forced to adhere to any specific schedule.
You don't have to plan your whole day out in advance. Just log your time to know what you did!

After a little while, we'll help you to take stock of where you are at.
Notice that you automatically start to align your actions more closely with your values.
You'll increase time invested in
activities serving your utmost goals: those of your highest self.

These are the things you'd be doing if you had great discipline, and always did the "right" thing today.
You'll spend more time doing things that make your future self proud and gratified.
Once you're observing how you spend your time, this all comes naturally!